Smart and functional door system.

Pull-Down Hanging Rail System.  

This system fully utilizes the top part of your cabinet to save a space and provide additional storage for your hanging office clothes and dresses. Available in different widths, from 440mm to 1020mm, and can cater for up to 10 kg of clothes.

Fixed Hanging Rail, Light and Sensor

Our hanging system is securely fastened to both side panels to fully maximize space and stability. Adding lights and sensors will be both convenient and welcoming, each time you use your wardrobe. Our specialists will design the interior configuration based on your requirements and preference.

Corner or L-shaped Modules

A design solution for corner wardrobe setups. Can be utilized as two-tier hanging rails, top and bottom, or as storage space for luggage and big boxes. Can either be open, or with leaf doors with a central post support in the apex.

Drawer and Pull-Out System

Drawers and pull-outs are designed to have a soft-closing, built-in mechanism with an elegant wood or linen look laminate finish. With an option to have door handles, or simply seamless.

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